Podiatrists are medically trained healthcare professionals who specialise in diagnosing and treating disorders of the foot and lower limb.

COPOM council mission is to regulate podiatry to ensure that the public receives quality services and care.

The Podiatry Act defines the practice of Podiatry as "the use of medical, physical, or surgical methods to prevent, diagnose and treat ailments, diseases, deformities and injuries of the human foot, but does not include treatment of systemic disease except for the local manifestations in the foot."

Podiatrists use a variety of modalities to diagnose and treat foot problems according to their education and experience.They play an important role in treating the foot and ankle, either independently or as part of a team with other healthcare professionals.

Podiatry is governed by an Act of provincial legislation: Chapter 36, The Podiatrists Act, which appoints a licensing body to regulate the profession, to ensure qualification standards in its membership, to actively further skills and training, and to promote understanding of the profession.

That licensing body is called the College of Podiatrists of Manitoba (COPOM).

One of the main functions of the COPOM is protection of the public by ensuring that podiatrists follow the standards of practice for podiatry.

COPOM is a body where the public can address any concerns regarding how podiatry is practiced by its registrants

(Modified April 2015)